Upcoming events

24th of June Midsummer’s shopping night

Event cooperation

Various partner events are organised in Shopping Center Revontuli for different target audiences. If you’re interested in bringing your event to Revontuli and think it will benefit our customers, we’ll be happy to offer our premises should we reach an agreement.


Do you have a product or service that needs to be seen? We lease out promotion spots in the shopping centre, some along the corridors and some in retail spaces. We suggest you act in good time, as the best spots are reserved months ahead of peak seasons.

Promotion instructions:
– Book your spot at least a month beforehand
– Be prepared to submit an illustration of the stall you’ve planned
– Please note: we select our promotion partners carefully
– Actively stopping people to sell something is not allowed on the corridors of Shopping Centre Revontuli

Contact and feedback on events:
Tiia Huikuri

Shopping Centre Manager
Email tiia.huikuri@trevian.fi
Phone +358 44 989 6643