Mr. Fox is the mascot for Shopping Centre Revontuli. He’s an ancient character who has a home in the subterranean cave complex under Rovaniemi. In 2007, Shopping Centre Revontuli was built right on top of Mr. Fox’s main cave, which bugged him quite a bit.

But times have changed and the cantankerous fox has since seen a lot of good times in the shopping centre, especially during kids’ events and Christmas. These days he doesn’t want to miss any of the fun, and spends his free time strolling around the shopping centre, now his second home.

Being the cunning animal he is, Mr. Fox is both sly and wise. He claims to be the fox with the fiery tail that lends its name to the Northern Lights (Finnish revontulet = fox fire). He proudly thinks that Shopping Centre Revontuli has been named after him. Mr. Fox has a lot of stories on Rovaniemi and knows all the city’s celebrities, including Santa Claus, who is about the same age as the old fox.

Mr. Fox is a complex personality with something up his sleeve for all Revontuli patrons. You’ll bump into him in Shopping Centre Revontuli’s social media channels where his escapades are documented, and obviously in the Break Room named after Mr. Fox that lies in the southern end of the shopping centre.