These rules have been drawn up in cooperation with Rovaniemi youths and the city’s three shopping centres Revontuli, Rinteenkulma and Sampokeskus.

1. Respect your peers, security guards, other customers and shopping centre employees.

2. Respect yourself – have class and dignity, and act accordingly.

3. Rovaniemi shopping centres are drug and alcohol free zones.

4. Smoking and vaping are prohibited indoors, in the parking garage and near the doors.

5. Rovaniemi shopping centres are violence-free zones. Everyone has the right to physical and mental integrity.

6. Littering is silly. Trash bins are often closer than you think, and drinks are better drunk than spilt.

7. Don’t make loud noise, shout profanity or blast your boom box. Your friends can hear you with less.

8. If you misbehave, security guards will issue a warning. A second time will land you on time-out outside – how long depends on the level of bad behaviour.

9. Most importantly: young people are welcome in shopping centres. You are smart; let it show.

A group discussion on youths spending time in Rovaniemi shopping centres was organised in Shopping Centre Revontuli on April 21st 2016. Attending were shopping centre security guards, Rovaniemi Youth Services, Rovaniemi Parish youth work, Rinteenkulma Shopping Centre Manager Pekka Rinne, a Rovaniemi police constable and 45 local youths.

Young people thought a central issue in behaving well was respecting others, whether it is other youths, security guards, customers or shopping centre staff. A decision was reached together, ruling the shopping centres free of alcohol and drugs, littering, violence and loud noise. The rules drawn up together are in effect in the Revontuli, Rinteenkulma and Sampokeskus shopping centres.